asked questions


  1. Can we select any arrival date (even a public holiday in the Czech Republic)?
  2. Of course! You can arrive whenever it suits you, even during public holidays, summer holidays or days off. If you send us your preferred arrival date, we will immediately check the availability of accommodation and the other services you would like to use.

  3. Will you pick up our group at the airport?
  4. Yes, after landing, you will be welcomed by our driver (he can pick you up in the arrival lounge, if you wish) and usually also by some of our employees.

  5. What hotels do you work with?
  6. Our company works with a number of renowned quality hotels throughout Central, Eastern and Western Europe. Thanks to our experience and contacts, we are able to arrange the best possible accommodation across all price categories.

  7. Our company has many years' experience in the tourist industry. We cooperate closely with the German travel agency KDE Reisen GmbH, based in Hamburg, as well as with our sister companies Umbrella Coach & Buses and Umbrella Yacht, specialists in international coach transport and yacht charter respectively. Thanks to this experience, we have a wide network of trusted suppliers and we can guarantee the quality of their services.

  8. Our services include hire of premium Setra coaches (including catering during the journey, if needed), hotel reservations, tickets to cultural events; we can also negotiate the services of guides, purchase flight tickets at advantageous prices, and offer meet & greet services.

  9. All our guides can speak English or German, and local guides who will take care of you in individual cities also speak the languages of that country. Our employees communicate with clients in Czech, Slovak, English, German, Croatian, Spanish and Russian.

  10. Yes, our company has reliable, high quality guides in all major European cities.

  11. The minimum number of group members is 15, but there is no maximum.

  12. Our employees get in touch with clients as soon as we receive the first e-mail. Together, we will fine-tune the offer, discuss a specific itinerary, address hotel recommendations, and the schedule for the entire journey. Our employee who is in constant communication with the client will usually be the one who welcomes the client to Prague, whether at the airport or elsewhere. This employee is also the client’s contact person, and the client can contact him or her at any time during the stay with any problem or request.

  13. We definitely recommend that you contact us well in advance, at least a few months before your trip.  During the high season, i.e. from April to June, you will need to make a reservation at least six months in advance. This is the only way we can ensure that you will be able to see and experience everything on your list.

  14. All services must be paid for by bank transfer.

  15. The terms are individual. When ordering services, the client pays 50 % of the total immediately and 50 % four weeks before arrival. In the case of coach hire, the order can be cancelled no later than one month before departure. If the client has ordered other services as well, such as hotel accommodation or guides, the deposit is usually non-refundable.

  16. There is a 24/7 helpline for our clients, and we normally resolve any issues within a few hours. For clients using our coach services, we guarantee a replacement vehicle will be provided within 4 hours.

  17. Yes, we offer a wide range of services for companies. For example, we can install tables if required, and the coaches are also equipped with audio and video inputs. This means a small audio mixer and Apple TV can be connected to turn the coach into a fully operational office, with the option to stream presentations to the coach screen during the journey. We can also provide clients with catering throughout the entire journey.

  18. When hiring a coach, the client will always have to pay for all members of the group. (We must underline here that children under the age of 6 must have their own safety seat. Safety seats for older children are available.) A child discount may be applicable in some hotels, or children may not be counted as participants in guided tours.

  19. Of course. Some of our coaches have barrier-free access, ensuring they are comfortable for people with different disabilities. We are used to catering for vegans, vegetarians, and other special dietary needs, and are able to provide quality food to all our clients.

  20. Yes, we can arrange both travel insurance and travel cancellation insurance in a matter of minutes. Our offering also includes special packages for certain periods (for one, two or four weeks) and packages for groups.

Tailored Holiday

  1. How does customised travelling work in practice?
  2. Our primary goal is to save you time. In the first instance, we try to identify the clients’ vision for their dream holiday: what destination they are interested in, what they would like to see, what time constraints and budget do they have. Then we prepare several options for the stay, with different accommodation types or itinerary. When the client decides which variant best suits his or her needs, we draw up a detailed budget and start organising. Most clients approach us with a specific assignment – for example, they need to arrange a customised luxury ladies’ trip, organise team building for senior management in Dubai, or a family holiday on an exotic beach. It is up to you! The only limit is your imagination...

  3. Are you really able to arrange a trip to any destination at any time?
  4. In the vast majority of cases, yes, we are. However, there are destinations (such as the Galápagos Islands or Antarctica) where the number of tourists who can visit each year is limited. If you would like to visit this kind of destination, we will immediately check current availability and let you know as soon as possible what we are able to arrange.

  5. Why should I let you plan my dream holiday?
  6. Because our team has a wealth of experience in travelling all around the world. We love travelling ourselves, and have travelled a lot, so we are able to offer clients good advice regarding destinations and site-specific itineraries, but we also guarantee a high standard of client services. We are not a travel agency with a uniform selection of catalogue holidays. We focus on experiences tailored to our clients’ needs instead.

  7. Let your imagination run wild – everything depends on your interests and budget. We will take care of everything, from transport to the airport, purchasing flight tickets, and arranging transfers, to drawing up detailed itineraries, booking adventurous activities, and meeting special requests. The client and their wishes are our priority – let us take care of everything, so you don't have to.

  8. Of course! A round-the-clock service will be available throughout your stay, and our employees will immediately address any difficulties.

  9. Insurance is included in every transaction, and the coverage level is adjusted to the needs of the specific client. For certain types of activities, such as sightseeing flights, the cancellation terms are stricter, but the client is always informed in advance.

  10. At Umbrella Holiday, we have a team of people happy to prepare a specific offer for you. Just fill in the inquiry form HERE or call 603 033 313.